About Us

MY Power Bank

We are (www.powerbank.com.my), we are a Malaysian company that is managed and owned by NEW GENERATION INTERNATIONAL MERCHADISES SDN BHD. The company has numerous years of experiences under its belt when it comes to research and development in e-Commerce and accessories of mobile phones and tablets. We offer our clients the chance to get the best and the most advanced technologies when it comes to cell phones and accessories such as Power Bank for the best price.

This is because all of our products are delivered to our clients straight from the Power Bank factory that is located in China. We also aim to provide our clients with our advanced products through the non-traditional channel that is becoming quite popular these days, the eCommerce channel. Therefore, customers will get our products straight from the factory in through the eCommerce channel, which help in minimizing the costs as well as eliminating any additional costs that were added because of the presence of an intermediary or a store. This way, we assure our clients that they will get the products with the best possible price and the highest quality through our single channel marketing plan that exists online on the World Wide Web.

What is Power Bank

Power Bank is a device in which you can store electricity, this is why it is called a Power Bank. You can carry around the Power Bank with you whenever you go. You can use it to fully recharge your cell phones or tablets. That is not all, as it can be also used to recharge digital cameras, portable DVD players, MP3s, MP4s, GPS devices, PDA and camcorders among other electronic devices. This way, wherever you are, even if there are no close-by power outlets, you will be able to recharge your phone and never run out of power.

We aim to develop and enhance our products on a regular basis to develop new products to our customers to fit their changing needs. We also aim to provide them with high capacity models and products that come in a small size. This is because portability is a great concern, especially when it comes to mobile accessories and power banks. The smaller and the more portable the Power Bank, the better it will be. This is why one of the main goals of the company is to refine and enhance the Power Bank industry by introducing new technologies and enhancing the overall quality. MY Power Bank is also a merchant for some of the most accredited and leading companies in the market such as Lazada and GROUPON.


All of our products have the “My PowerBank” logo on it. Any product that has this trustworthy logo means that it is of the highest quality possible. This is why we test and examine all of our products before we put this worthy logo on them. The bottom line is, My Power Bank logo and the Power Bank brand is a name that you can trust to bring you the best in the industry for the best price and in the smallest size possible.

MY PowerBank Joint Venture with Shenzhen Kinger Power Technology

Shenzhen Kinger Power Technology Co. Ltd is a leading company in lithium-ion battery research and development, production and sales. It has around 1.4 billion assets, including a 20,000 m2 factory located in C & F Building Industrial Park Shahu Zone, Ping Shan District Shenzhen City. With over 1,600 employees, the company can produce 200,000 aluminium case batteries and 5000 lithium batteries each day. There are more than 500 types of products available for mobile phones, MP3, MP4, cameras, miniature receivers, PDA, model aircrafts, electric bicycles and others.

Shenzhen Kinger Power Technology has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certificates for its factory and established strict control system to monitor production line. In addition, the company achieved the ISO 14001:2004 certificate to make sure the factory meets the globally recognised standard for environmental system management.